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What is MeARKET?

Through MeARKET, you join forces with your friends to get the most out of your stock market investments.

MeARKET allows you to manage your portfolio online, share your positions and transactions and discuss them with friends. By knowing when your friends are transacting, what they are buying and selling and why, you are able to make sure you move early - early to buy into a rising stock, and early to exit a collapsing position.

Most importantly, MeARKET will alert you when things you need to know are happening - for instance your friends selling a stock you hold, or sharing information about something you're watching.

Is MeARKET safe?

MeARKET only shows information you choose to share, and only to your friends. Your friends can see what you're holding or watching and any comments you care to share, but not how much you hold, earn or lose.

You can choose to fully disclose your portfolio, or show only partial (or even misleading) information - what you choose to share is up to you.

Note however - MeARKET provides alerts based on what you share. If you do not disclose the real list of securities you're holding - you may miss alerts when these are on the move.

Why should you invite your friends to MeARKET?

The more people you are connected to on MeARKET, the more likely you are to get timely alerts when you should be exiting a position, or hot tips when something's about to rise. You're only as smart as your network.

Who's behind MeARKET?

MeARKET was created by a small team of experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about their stock portfolios, believe in the wisdom of their friends and love to share.